Clitoral Unroofing

What is Clitoral Unroofing?

Clitoral unroofing is a procedure designed to expose a clitoris that is not revealed by retracting the clitoral hood. The skin overlying the clitoris (called the clitoral hood) is the uppermost extent of the labia minora. This skin serves a protective function and prevents overstimulation of the clitoris. It’s analogous to the male foreskin that covers the head of the penis. However, similar to the male foreskin, this skin may sometimes not retract all the way – a condition known as clitoral phimosis or a buried clitoris. Clitoral unroofing manipulates the skin covering the clitoris to allow it to retract appropriately, revealing the glans of the clitoris.

The purpose of clitoral unroofing is to better expose the clitoris so that sensation is not impeded during sexual activity. If you’ve had difficulty achieving orgasm because you find it difficult to reach or reveal your clitoris, you may benefit from clitoral unroofing. This procedure is different from clitoral hood reduction, which removes excess skin covering the clitoris. Our providers can help you determine which is the most appropriate procedure for you.

What Causes Clitoral Phimosis?

Some women simply experience clitoral phimosis because of their natural anatomy. The clitoral hood may not retract because it’s stuck, or adhesions prevent it from fully pulling back. Low estrogen, lichen sclerosis, and trauma are some conditions associated with a buried clitoris.

Clitoral Phimosis Symptoms

Symptoms of a buried clitoris include itching, burning, pain, and a lack of clitoral sensitivity. Many women with clitoral phimosis have difficulty achieving orgasm because of a lack of stimulation during sex. In many cases, the clitoral hood may partially or fully prevent stimulation of the clitoris – which for many women is essential to experiencing sexual pleasure. If you are unable to see the whole glans of the clitoris when retracting the clitoral hood (especially when experiencing arousal), you may be experiencing clitoral phimosis.

The Clitoral Unroofing Procedure

Clitoral unroofing is a simple and minimally invasive procedure performed by our knowledgeable providers. Because of the extremely sensitive anatomy of the clitoris, selecting a surgeon with extensive experience in clitoral unroofing is essential. At Tideline Center for Health & Aesthetics, we specialize in intimate health and helping women find fulfillment in their sexual activities. Our providers will review the procedure with you in detail and create a personalized plan accordingly.

To begin, a small amount of topical anesthesia is applied to the skin overlying the clitoris, and the skin is then gently and carefully separated from the underlying clitoris. Once the clitoris is exposed, a topical estrogen or compounded cream is applied to the separated edges to prevent them from adhering to the clitoris again. In some cases, fine sutures are placed to maintain the clitoral exposure. The procedure takes approximately 45 minutes, and you can return to normal activities immediately with detailed aftercare instructions from our team.

Clitoral Unroofing Recovery

After a clitoral unroofing procedure, the area is fully healed within 3 to 4 weeks. You’ll experience a significant improvement in clitoral sensation during sexual activity as well as a reduction in any symptoms you may have been experiencing, leading to greater confidence and enjoyment in your intimate encounters.

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