Anal Skin Tags

What are Anal Skin Tags?

Anal skin tags are small collections of excess skin at the opening of the anus.  Thay are painless and are usually the same color as the surrounding skin.  They can cause itching in the area, a tugging sensation, and they can make it difficult to keep the area clean after having a bowel movement.  In addition, depending on the size and the number, they can be unsightly leading to embarrassment and a sense of self consciousness.

How Do Anal Skin Tags Differ From Hemorrhoids?

Anal skin tags are simply excess skin.  They are painless and generally do not bleed.  They can be distinguished from hemorrhoids by their appearance as they are usually the same color as the surrounding skin.  Hemorrhoids on the other hand are blood vessels, and therefore are prone to bleeding and pain.  They are usually red or purple and they are tender on physical examination.

How are Anal Skin Tags Treated?

Anal skin tags can be removed in an office setting with local anesthesia in the form of topical creams or injections.  The tags can be removed with a standard cautery, laser, or radiofrequency.  Depending on the size, a stitch might be used to close the skin edges.

What are The Risks of Anal Skin Tag Removal?

The risks include bleeding, pain at the site of removal and tissue regrowth.

Who is a Candidate for Anal Skin Tag Removal?

Any individual with itching, tugging, or difficulty cleaning the anal area is a candidate for anal skin tag removal.  In addition, individuals who are bothered by the appearance of these tags are also excellent candidates for tag removal.



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