Low Libido

What is Low Libido?

Low libido is a term for a reduction in sex drive or desire for sex. The frequency of sexual desire can be drastically different from person to person (and can even fluctuate over time) but if it disrupts your day-to-day well-being or intimate relationships, you may be considered to have low libido. Some men aren’t bothered by having a naturally low sex drive, but if it negatively impacts your sexual expression or puts strain on your relationships, then you may benefit from treatment. In some cases, it may indicate a different underlying problem with your mental or physical health, meaning treatment from one of our knowledgeable providers is key.

What Causes Low Libido?

Low libido can have both physical and mental causes. Physical causes may include changes in hormone levels that come with aging or as a result of certain conditions. Some medications can also cause changes in libido, specifically those used to treat depression or anxiety. Mental causes may include relationship problems, poor mental health, low self-esteem, or even negative thoughts or experiences around sex and sexual activity. Low libido may also be linked with associated problems like erectile dysfunction that cause difficulty during sexual activity.

Low Libido Symptoms

Men who experience low libido are typically bothered by having a reduced interest in sex. You may find yourself engaging in sexual activity less frequently than you used to, and you may have fewer thoughts and fantasies surrounding sex. You may not be interested in sexual activity even with appropriate mental or physical stimulation. Some men with low libido feel like they must engage in sexual activity to satisfy their partner, leading to further relationship troubles.

Low Libido Treatment

Low libido can often be treated with hormone therapy. By increasing testosterone levels, many men find their libido increases, giving them a higher desire and capacity for sex. The P-Shot® is another treatment option that can boost sexual satisfaction and enhance function, leading to more enjoyable sex. You may be able to combine these two treatment options with a personalized treatment plan by our compassionate and understanding providers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes a low libido?

Low libido can have a variety of causes, like depression, stress, low hormone levels, relationship troubles, medications, and much more. Fortunately, all of these causes are treatable with the help of an intimate health expert.

How do I know if my libido is low?

If you notice that you desire, think about, or fantasize about sex less than usual, you might be experiencing low libido. Everyone’s libido is different, so think of low libido in terms of being lower than your usual level.

What does low libido feel like?

Low libido may feel like having unhappy or distressed thoughts about sexual activity, as well as a marked decline in having thoughts about intimacy in the first place. This may lead you to avoid or turn down sex, or be unable to perform during sex.

What vitamin deficiency causes low libido?

There is some evidence that vitamin D can be linked to low libido, but the causes of low libido are typically complex and include many different factors. It’s best to work with an intimate health provider to explore all options.

Can libido be reversed?

Low libido can easily be treated by addressing the underlying causes. For example, low hormone levels can be supplemented with hormone therapy and chronic stress can be addressed with the help of a medical health professional.

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