Vaginal Health

Vaginal health is a vital part of a woman’s overall health. Problems involving the vagina can negatively impact fertility, the desire for sex, and the ability to reach orgasm. They can also put stress on relationships or affect self-confidence. At Tideline Center for Health & Aesthetics, we provide professional treatment for an array of common vaginal health issues, including the following.


Lichen Sclerosus

Lichen sclerosus is a rare condition that causes patchy, white skin that appears thinner than normal in the genital and anal areas. While anyone can…

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Lichen Planus

Lichen planus is a condition that can cause irritation and swelling in the mucous membranes, hair, nails, and skin. It can affect the mouth, vagina, and…

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Paget’s Disease

Paget’s disease of the vulva (PDV) is a rare skin cancer that arises from glandular cells. In some cases, it can also affect the perineal areas.

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