Vaginal Hormone Therapy

What is Vaginal Hormone Therapy?

In contrast to systemic hormone therapy, vaginal estrogen can be used to treat vaginal conditions with little or no risk of systemic absorption.  These conditions include vaginal dryness, painful sex, decreased vaginal elasticity, and thin vaginal walls. Vaginal hormone therapy is administered in cream, tablet, suppository, or ring form.


Estrogen is the most common topical vaginal hormone.  By applying a small amount to the vaginal tissue daily for two weeks and then two to three times a week, women can achieve a significant improvement in the health of the vaginal condition.  Because it is a topical application, systemic absorption is negligible and there is little to no risk associated with its use.  This treatment is available as an extended-release insert, liquid-filled capsule, ring, cream, or tablet.


Testosterone can also be applied topically to the vagina.  Intravaginal testosterone has been shown to restore vaginal lubrication and decrease vaginal atrophy. Regular application has also been shown to improve sensitivity and arousal.  This can be administered in a cream or tablet form.


Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is a hormone that the body naturally produces in the adrenal gland. It is converted by the body to both testosterone and estrogen.  As such, the vagina topical application of DHEA can relieve symptoms of vaginal atrophy and dryness. DHEA can be administered in the form of a vaginal tablet or cream to treat vaginal atrophy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you absorb estrogen through skin?

Yes, estrogen can be absorbed through the skin. Topical gels and creams are available.

How long does it take for topical estrogen to absorb?

Topical estrogen gels or creams can take at least two hours to be fully absorbed through the skin.

Can testosterone be applied topically?

Yes, testosterone can be applied topically to the vagina. This treatment has been found to restore vaginal lubrication and decrease vaginal atrophy.

Where is the best place to apply testosterone cream on a female?

Testosterone can be applied vaginally or to the lower abdomen or thighs in gel or cream form.

How long can you stay on estrogen cream?

While your dose may need to be re-evaluated every year, women can continue to enjoy the benefits of topical estrogen therapy indefinitely.

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