Understanding the Basics of Women’s Intimate Health

At Tideline Center for Health & Aesthetics, we are dedicated to creating a safe space for women to discuss their sexual health and wellness. Many people are afraid to speak with their doctor about sexual intercourse and intimacy, but these are an important part of your overall wellness and should be discussed openly, especially if you are experiencing problems or concerns.

What is Women’s Intimate Health? 

Women’s intimate health considers the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects that create positive sexual experiences for women of all ages. Sexual experiences should be positive, but this is not always the case, whether because of emotional barriers or physical conditions. At Tideline Center for Health & Aesthetics, we provide comprehensive care to address all your intimate health needs. 

Factors that Contribute to Women’s Intimate Health

When you schedule a consultation with our team of medical experts, we will discuss many different factors that may be contributing to your intimate health concerns. These are some of the main factors that affect sexual wellness:

Vaginal Health 

Maintaining good vaginal health is important for sexual and overall wellness. During sex, use contraception but make sure the lubricant used does not have parabens, glycerin, scents, dyes, or other harmful ingredients. After sex, urinate to flush out bacteria from the urethra, since this could result in a painful urinary tract infection (UTI), and take a shower. Although the inside of the vagina should not be washed, the surrounding vulva area can be kept clean with gentle, chemical-free soaps. 

Take note of changes to the appearance of the vaginal area and any physical symptoms you are experiencing. Swelling, inflammation, and sores could be signs of lichen sclerosus or lichen planus, two conditions that affect the skin and/or mucous membranes in the vagina. Although these conditions are not sexually transmitted, they can be extremely uncomfortable and lead to painful sex or sexual dysfunction if left untreated. 

Positive Intimate Experiences 

Intimacy and sexual relationships should feel safe, both physically and emotionally. Communication and respect for people’s boundaries are two important factors that influence the ability to form positive sexual relations. Expressing attraction and initiating other forms of touch like handholding, kissing, or a gentle caress lets your partner feel vulnerable and builds trust in the relationship. These forms of touch that don’t involve the genitals can also be helpful if you suffer from painful sex, a common condition among women.

Painful sex can be caused by various conditions. Vaginal dryness or lack of lubrication makes penetration painful, as does vaginismus which results in vaginal muscle spasms during penetration. Clitoral pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, and vulvodynia (pain around the opening of the vagina) are also uncomfortable conditions that can create negative intimate experiences, especially if one’s partner does not express respect and understanding of physical limits.


Libido refers to sexual desire or sex drive. Low libido can be caused by hormone fluctuations, stress, depression, poor diet, or natural aging. There are many easy lifestyle changes you can make to maintain a healthy sex drive, even as you age. Figs, bananas, avocados, and chocolate are considered aphrodisiacs because they increase blood flow to the genitals and can increase sexual pleasure. Participating in sports, yoga, or meditation can also keep your stress down and self-esteem up so that you will feel more confident and have a more positive experience in intimate settings.

Schedule a Consultation

If you have questions about your intimate wellness, schedule an appointment with our team of women’s health experts in New York. We are committed to a comfortable treatment environment where you can rely on personalized care that takes your overall health into consideration.

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