What Symptoms Can Low Testosterone Cause?

Testosterone is an essential hormone in men that controls much more than just sexual function. Men with low testosterone can experience a variety of symptoms that can make day-to-day living difficult. If you’re concerned about low hormone levels, then meeting with an intimate health provider specializing in hormone therapy is the best way to learn more. Here is a quick guide to low testosterone symptoms and how our providers can help you feel more like yourself.

Changes in Sexual Function

Sexual dysfunction is a broad category of concerns relating to sexual functioning, libido, and mood. Many men with low testosterone experience an overall reduction in their attitude toward sex, with lower drive and fewer thoughts and fantasies regarding it. It’s also common to experience erectile dysfunction and reduced enjoyment of sexual activity. What constitutes a drop in sexual functioning is different for everyone, and some men aren’t bothered by it while others are. If you notice you aren’t as sexually driven as you used to be and it bothers you, then it’s worth considering low testosterone as a cause.

Changes in Body Composition

Testosterone is partly responsible for building muscle mass. Men with lower levels of testosterone often experience changes in their ratio of muscle mass to fat, finding it easier to gain weight and harder to gain muscle. Additionally, you may find yourself having lower levels of energy and quicker to become fatigued when you do physical activity.

Changes in Mood

Low testosterone can cause symptoms similar to depression. It’s normal to experience a low mood coupled with a low motivation to do things you previously enjoyed. You may also have difficulty concentrating or remembering things, a symptom commonly called “brain fog.” Some men even experience mood swings and irritability because of low testosterone. All of these symptoms can negatively impact your relationships and work performance.

Changes in Sleep

Changes in your sleep patterns are possible with low testosterone, similar to women experiencing menopause. Things like night sweats or hot flashes can prevent restful sleep, as well as insomnia. Consequently, not getting enough sleep can worsen the above symptoms.

Changes in Fertility

Testosterone plays a key role in reproduction in men. Testosterone deficiency can be associated with reduced sperm count, making it difficult for your partner to become pregnant. In fact, some men discover they have low testosterone levels only after difficulties with fertility.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy at Tideline Center for Health & Aesthetics

At Tideline Center for Health & Aesthetics, our providers can help you learn more about the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy, including reducing your symptoms and giving you the energy to live your most energetic and enjoyable lifestyle again. We offer personalized therapies suited to your needs, as well as a variety of other treatment options to boost your confidence. To get started, contact our office today by calling or filling out our online form. We conveniently serve the greater Long Island and Queens, NY areas.



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