5 Reasons Women Choose Vaginal Rejuvenation

The term “vaginal rejuvenation” is used to describe treatments designed to restore the health of the vaginal area.  Here at Tideline Health, we prefer the term “vaginal restoration” however, for this discussion we will use the term that has been popularized in the lay press.

Vaginal rejuvenation is designed to help women feel more comfortable in their intimate health, but it’s not often talked about. If you’ve been looking for solutions to your concerns, you may have discovered nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation. Just like every woman is different, your reasons for choosing vaginal rejuvenation will be unique to your experience. Still, vaginal rejuvenation can be helpful to many different categories of women, which can make it easier to understand your choice to move forward with treatment. Here’s what to know about vaginal rejuvenation and why women choose to meet with our intimate health experts here at Tideline Center for Health & Aesthetics.

Childbirth and Postpartum Side Effects

Bearing children can have significant effects on your entire pelvic region. It’s extremely common for postpartum women to have problems with incontinence, dryness, or discomfort, side effects for which they have traditionally had few treatment options. Vaginal rejuvenation can not only improve the health of the vaginal tissue, but it can provide better support to the entire pelvic region, restoring muscle tone and reducing symptoms.

Menopause and Aging

Menopause famously brings about vaginal changes such as dryness, laxity, and discomfort during sexual activity. This is often due to hormone changes decreased estrogen, which is partly responsible for maintaining lubrication in the vagina. By treating the vaginal tissues with nonsurgical technologies, it can improve lubrication and elasticity, improving function overall.

Surgical Side Effects

Pelvic surgeries, such as certain types of hysterectomy, can have a negative effect on vaginal functioning. Afterward, it’s normal to experience dryness and discomfort during sex, side effects which can be treated with vaginal rejuvenation. Even though these surgeries can often provide life-saving care, you don’t need to live with uncomfortable vaginal side effects afterward.


For a variety of reasons, some women simply have discomfort during sexual activity, medical screenings, or when inserting menstrual products. They may also have problems with their pelvic floor muscles that cause incontinence. In any of these cases, vaginal rejuvenation can improve overall pelvic function and increase vaginal lubrication.

Health conditions and their treatments can often cause side effects that interfere with vaginal health. For example, radiation or chemotherapy can cause significant vaginal dryness, along with certain medications. Seeing an intimate health expert is crucial because they can work with your healthcare team to ensure your vaginal rejuvenation package is in line with the rest of your treatment.

Vaginal Rejuvenation at Tideline Center for Health & Aesthetics

If you’re struggling with side effects such as laxity, dryness, discomfort, or incontinence, our team can help. Contact our office today by calling or filling out our online form. We conveniently serve the greater Long Island and Queens, NY areas.

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